Melanie VIP

When seeking the perfect companion, external beauty must be matched with a meeting of the minds. On the exterior, you will find a petite, curvaceous, and elegant young woman all wrapped up into one little package. But we both know that comfort and intellectual connection are often just as integral to intimacy (if not more) as physical attraction. While I can get far with my pretty smile and bright brown eyes, that is not the sum total of whom I am. I am a Vienna based artist, traveler, thinker, a free spirit, and a nerd to my core, albeit a charming and incredibly sexy one. My goals are bountiful and endless; guided by my wanderlust and dreams of seeing more and more of the world, learning languages, and making as many human connections as possible along the way. While I am a companion by profession, I do not approach human connection with anything less than sincerity. In our time together you will be in the company of someone who is present with you, engaging, communicative, and has a certain je ne sais quoi to always keep you on your toes. Whenever in need of perspective on something that’s consuming your mind, or just someone with whom to laugh and chatter about, I am a willing and able candidate. Don't hesitate to call or write me fir an amazing time together.